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Use the ADB high PageRank to get a higher page rank for your web site.  It is a proven fact that having a link to your web site on a web site with higher ranking will lift your web site's PageRank

ADB offers you the ability to put your message in front of Appraisal Professionals and potential customers.  In this aspect it is not the Quantity but Quality of visitors to our web site that is important.  

Why not place your advertising dollar where it will see a return?  Advertising on the internet can be costly and most times miss it's target, your real audience.  Take advantage of our high PageRank and link to our home page with a static ad.  Put your Ad in front of Appraisal Professionals and those looking for their services.


Home Page Static Ad included on the "main page" of the site:

$50 per month.

This is the right side panel - looks similar to the "Google ads" panel. Great for linking to our high traffic site as you will be featured on the main home page of ADB. 

Optional upgrade to six months for $250 (you get one month free).
Optional upgrade to yearly for $500 (you get two months free).

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