Target Marketing

Why not place your advertising dollar where it will see a return? Advertising on the internet can be costly and most times miss it's target, your real audience.

ADB offers you the ability to put your message in front of the right audience and potential customers from your specific area by the counties and states you service.  In this aspect it is not the quantity but quality of visitors to your listing that is important.

Pay-Per-Click adverting campaigns can be costly, confusing and many times a frustrating experience.  Our ADB campaigns remove that burden and allow our Members to share the cost and our experience for placing high in the results of the major Search Engines.  The best part is... it is all included in your membership fee.   


AppraiserDatabase.com Pricing


   Member Listing:
  • Unlimited Counties.
  • Unlimited States.
  • Unlimited leads. 
  • No charges per lead / referral. 
  • Top of page listing placement based on Member seniority.  
  • Easily budgeted flat yearly fees.
  • Convenient quarterly payments.
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Convenient automatic quarterly debit.
  • One appraisal order - more than pays for your yearly membership!

Only $45.00
billed quarterly on credit card

   Optional yearly rate - savings:
   Yearly payment: $159.00 - save $21 per year
   2 Year payment $260.00 - save $30 per year
   3 Year payment $360.00 - save $40 per year

   Bold Enhancements:

    add $20 per year
    add $30 per year

   Banner Ad:  $249.00

  • Appears on top of ALL your listing pages.
  • You provide banner or we design it for you. 
  • Uses standard banner size:  468 x 60.

   Banner Set Up:

  • No banner set up fee!
  • Use your own banner - OR -
  • One-time $79 banner design fee.
  • OR - Animated Banner $179 design fee.
  • All banners run one full year.
  • Convenient automatic renewal service.
  • Multiple banners will use rotation.

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