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Our mission is to gain maximum exposure for our Appraiser Members while providing accurate and up-to-date information to brokers nationwide.



  Real Estate Appraisers - Search Nationwide Detailed Listings - A free online nationwide real estate appraiser database, appraiser directory and online appraisal ordering system providing resources for appraisers and serving the mortgage industry.

Who We Are

AppraiserDatabase.com (ADB) is the Internet's largest online nationwide appraiser database, appraiser directory and fully automated online appraisal ordering system. 

Our website gives nationwide mortgage loan brokers and mortgage lenders the opportunity to review all of the real estate appraiser's company information such as fees, turnaround time, coverage area, licensing, designation and approvals.

The mortgage broker or lender is then able to order the commercial or residential real estate appraisal online, via our secure appraisal ordering system. The real estate appraiser is notified immediately of the order via email and is able to process the appraisal order.

Some real estate appraisals which are ordered on ADB are Full URAR, drive-by appraisals, condominium appraisals, field reviews, desk reviews, FHA, VA, land and commercial appraisals. These appraisals are typically performed for mortgage lending purposes, home buying, refinancing, 2nd trust deeds, debt consolidation and for PMI removal.

Appraisers on this ADB website possess many designations and are approved by some of the largest nationwide mortgage lenders in the United States.

The idea for ADB arose from the national need for mortgage brokers and lenders who originate loans in multiple states to quickly and easily find an appraiser anywhere in the United States.  Since then many web sites have attempted to copy and reproduce AppraiserDatabase.com but we remain at the top of the list for listings of Nationwide Appraisers.  ADB was developed by a coalition of industry professionals with years of experience in the nationwide appraisal industry.  We understand the industry, its needs and deficiencies.  AppraiserDatabase.com is a complete nationwide database which offers information on thousands of appraisers which cannot be found anywhere else for FREE.

Our Mission

It is a difficult task to locate appraisers in a quick and efficient manner, as it is equally difficult for appraisers to spend thousands of dollars on advertising in order to gain exposure.  Our goals are to provide an accessible resource to both appraisers and brokers:

  • Higher fees for the real estate appraiser
  • Lower fees for the brokers and borrowers
  • Gained respect and appreciation for the appraisers' time and skills
  • Improved service for the client through direct personal contact with the appraiser
  • Better communication with both parties
  • Complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute information on appraisers anywhere in the United States

What We Have To Offer

Although referral services currently exist on the Internet, the information that they have to offer is limited and oftentimes incorrect.  The ADB database is more than a referral service.  Each listing includes detailed coverage area, comp check availability, approved lender list, detailed fees, specializations, complete licensing and designation information, E & O Insurance information and more.  You can even order an appraisal online and access to this information is absolutely FREE!

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